Hearing Aid Technology

Conventional hearing-aids are separeted in In-the-ear ( ITE ) and behind-the-ear ( BTE ) devices. Normally all technologies may be implemented in ITE or BTE devices. Exempt are only base-technology devices which are only available in BTE

ITE – Devices

ITE devices impress by their small case. There´s only one part, which sits directly in the ear channel. There´s no part behind the ear, which might interfere with your glasses.
The size of the device depends on your ear channel and the technology implemented.
The technology may be chosen individually. If you wish to have a fine frequency partition, you´ll chose many frequency bands. Optional are also additional features like connections to mobiles via bluetooth.

ITE devices use the natural sound catching function of the ear concha. Every ITE is unique, because it´s always tailor-made.

BTE Devices

BTE devices consist of two parts. One Part sits behind the ear. Here are the microphones and all technical parts. By a plastic tube or a wired cable the sounds are transferred to the ear.

Here sits the second part of the BTE.

Transmitting the signals by a plastic tube is the conventional way. In the ear channel sits a tailor-made plastic mold. This kind of a hearing aid care is suitable for all kinds of hearing losses.

Cosmetically more appealing is the the adaption via a wired cable. This wire is so thin that it´s hardly recognizable. Also the part behind the ear is much smaller

We sell ITE as well as BTE devices from leading manufacturers like Widex, Phonak, Oticon and Starkey. Other brands on demand.